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Virtual home for magical world of a talented German writer and language coach Nadine Stelzer.

The hand-crafted website takes visitor deep inside the creativity of Nadine Stelzer, novelist, translator, coach, and singer and songwriter. From the very start its richly animated graphic design and aural atmosphere engages your sense of curiosity and leads you on an interactive path of delightful discovery of the author's creative content. Organic procedurally-grown plant meets you with Stelzer's songs, short stories, music videos, and poems, all the way to the invaluable coaching services offered by the author.

Powered by the mighty Tequki CMS, the lightning-fast bi-lingual website provides its owner full control with in-place editing, full customization, built-in analytics, advanced SEO features, and 99.98% availability, just to name a few of the features hidden to the prying eyes of the public.

Ethical cookie-free experience free of user tracking invites the audience to get cosy in Nadine's "place made of fur and feathers".

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